Historical Tourism in Cameroon

Historical Tour

Cameroon like many other African countries went through a period of Colonialism, but what is particular about Cameroon is that after colonial rule by the Germans, it became a mandate territory under the British and the French. These former colonial masters and mandates left their mark in Cameroon. Most of these relics can still be found. While some have had to be restored, a vast majority of these relics and ruins are still in their original state. They have become national treasures and constitute attractions of outstanding beauty. Please come and visit with us and we will take you on a historical tour that is sure to leave you satisfied. As concerns historical tours in Cameroon we are sure you will be interested in these amazing features and relics such

  • German relics in Bamenda, Kribi, Limbe, Buea and Dschang.
  • Old narrow gauge , Steam and Diesel locomotives and rail systems from the German and British eras
  • The Sultans palace at Foumban in the West region with its well developed museum.
  • The Artisan village at Foumban with its wood carving, brass-ware and antiques.
  • The remnants of a slave market at Bimbia near Limbe.
  • Relics of the Baptist missionary period in Limbe including the Alfred Saker memorial, residence and church .
  • The Botanic Garden with its German buildings from 1892 to the early 1900s.
  • The residence (the Schloss 1902) built by the German Governor Puttkamer in Buea.
  • The old German/British post office 1902 and 1953.
  • The Bismarck fountain in Buea 1899.
  • Various buildings from the German era still in use.
  • The Fons (local chief) palace at Melong.
  • The Fons palace at Banjoun renowned for its thick thatch roofs and museum.
  • The old British customs post at Mendankwe near Bamenda.
  • The old German Fort and cemetery at Up -Station Bamenda

Sporting interest there are:-

  • 18 holes golf courses in Yaounde, Kribi and Tiko.
  • Squash and Tennis courts in Limbe, Buea, Douala, Edea and Bamenda.
  • There are international sports stadiums at Yaounde, Douala, Limbe and Bafoussam.

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