South West Region

Takamanda National Park
Bakossi hills
Limbe black sandy beach
Korup National Park
Maneguba Mountains
Mt Cameroon

Cameroon has high all-season tourism traffic given its sociopolitical and economic stability and leading role in the CEMAC zone. South West Republic of Cameroon particularly is endowed with several tourism sites such as Mt Cameroon (and four other mountains in the SWRC), Seme Beach (and 10 other beaches along a 55km foot of the Mt. Cameroons), lakes (with the Barombi in the region being the largest lake in the country and lake Nachtigal being the closest lake to the beach-17m to sea), slave relics, the historic Limbe Botanic Garden of more than 100 years old and a zoological garden/wildlife center attached to the gardens, amongst others.

The South-West Region is one of the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon. It is distinguished by a rich, permanently green cover of vegetation resulting from heavy rainfall and extensive agro-industrial activity. The region abounds in a rich array of tourist sites, among which are:

  • Remains of buildings dating back to the colonial era, including the palace of the German governor, Von Puttkamer, built at the beginning of the 20th century.
  •  Mount Cameroon, 4,100m high, which is still an active volcano.
  • The Korup National Park, a “living” museum dating back 300 million years and enjoying a rare variety of flora and fauna.
  • The Limbé Botanical Garden created in 1892 by German horticulturists;
  • The Limbé Zoo, open all year round to tourists.
  • The Barombi Lake in Kumba, with its luxuriant decor.
  • The beautiful beaches of grey sand lapped by the Atlantic Ocean.