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Situated at an average altitude of 1,550m above sea-level, the North-West Region is one of high plateaux dominated by a mountain chain reaching a peak of over 3,000m high in the Oku Mountains. The landscape is covered with grassy vegetation and offers a captivating spectacle characterised by the panoramic contrast between plains encircled by the mountain massifs and deep valleys which sometimes feature rivers interspersed with waterfalls and numerous crater lakes.

Outside the rainy season (from July to October), throughout the rest of the year the region offers a climate which encourages tourism. It enjoys gentle and fresh temperatures hovering around 22°C. Bamenda, the region’s main built-up area and county town, is both a modern and traditional town. It is an important commercial centre and a main crossroads for routes leading to all parts of the region. One route which is 350km long and called the “Ring Road”, allows visitors to admire the region in all its diversity: traditional chieftainships, landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, animal