Touristic Regions and Attractions in Cameroon


Cameroon is found in the Central Western part of Africa. Shaped like a triangle, it covers a total surface area of 475,442 km2. Which is divided into 10 administrative Regions, directly administered by a Central Government in which sits in the country’s political capital – Yaoundé. Its main cities include its economic capital Douala, its political capital Yaoundé, and the sea side resort town of Limbe.
Cameroon has a total population of about 22 Million inhabitants, most of whom are found in the hinterlands of the country, with only a small fraction living in its towns and cities. The mostly young population has Agriculture, trade and commerce as some of its main economic activity.

Besides Canada, Cameroon is the only other country in the world which has English and French as official languages. A third of its population is found in the English speaking Regions of North West and South West, while the rest of the country is predominantly French speaking. The presence of two official languages is not Cameroon’s only unique attribution. Cameroon’s population is made up of about 250 different tribes, representing an equal number of local languages and a rich cultural diversity. The country is unique in her History and landscapes and each of the 10 Regions that make up Cameroon is distinctly different in terms of the tourist attractions it provides.

In the North of Cameroon is found such attractions as the Mbalang and Tisson Lakes as well as the Vina and Tello waterfalls. If your interest is in cultural tourism, you will be pleased to know that the northern Regions of Cameroon has been able to preserve its culture in its most authentic form. Descending towards the Central part of the country, eco-tourists will be delighted by the Ebogo site which is a place of irresistible Ecotourism attraction. The Centre Region is also home to some of Cameroons best museums, the most prominent being the National museum which has only recently been reopened. The Benedictine Monks Museum found on the slopes of Mont Febe is another of Cameroon’s land mark museums.

The East Region being close to Yaounde and is easily accessible by road, is another part of the country which boasts rich ecotourism attractions. Here tourists are treated to control hunting, photo safaries etc. While in the Eastern Region it will be worthwhile to visit the Dja Reserve or spend some time with the Pygmies of Cameroon who are considered to be one of Cameroon’s original inhabitants.

Night life lovers will feel at home in the South West and Littoral region which host world class bars, lodges and night clubs. like the exquisite Bamboo Lounge in Limbe.
These Regions are also known for their homes extremely beautiful black sandy beaches that seem to stretch for miles on end.

Cameroon is beautifully landscape country. It beautiful landscape provide a fitting back drop to its rich diverse and exciting culture with so much to see and do in Cameroon a visit to this African paradise is sure to make cherish experience for a list of tourist attractions in different regions of Cameroon.

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